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Our Technology Investment

Technology plays a major role at AQuickDelivery and we have made a substantial investment in ours. It is this technology which allows AQuickDelivery to design custom solutions that provide many added benefits to our customers. Through our advanced technology, we give our customers the ability to track packages, receive quotes, ship packages and print shipping labels. All of your delivery needs can now be carried out instantly with the assurance that there has been no miscommunication along the way.

We provide more than a mere messenger service. We provide total logistics support. Our technology provides you with the added performance and accuracy needed to compete in today's hurry up world. AQuickDelivery specialized software allows us to give you numerous service level options to handle your shipments in the most expedient, cost effective manner possible. It also gives us a technological advantage in meeting customer needs, regardless of industry type or individual needs. AQuickDelivery service solutions provide you with a substantial return on your logistics investment.

You can think of AQuickDelivery as your one-stop shop, capable of providing all the time-critical, same-day delivery services you need. There is no longer any need to deal with multiple carriers. We have the proven technology, experience and desire to support all of your delivery needs both now and in the future.

Technology is Our Future

livery recognized long ago the necessity of investing in the most advanced technology available. Literally hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent over the years to provide our customers, drivers and staff with the best state-of-the-art tools available, such as:

  • Intelligent dispatch technology links every driver and dispatcher to one another to ensure unbeatable accuracy and timeliness.
  • State-of-the-art hardware and software track each shipment in real-time.
  • Mobile data terminals instantly record and transmit pick-up and "proof of delivery" information.
  • Real-Time delivery data, status updates, and online reporting.
  • Technology that efficiently manages dispatching, and improves routing, accuracy, and chain of custody records.
  • Continuous, automatic security is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

21st Century Dispatch System

AQuickDelivery' intelligent computer-aided dispatch system integrates all of the essential components of order entry, and mobile data. The system constantly updates and evaluates incoming orders, yet to be dispatched orders, driver locations, driver volumes, delivery destinations and many other factors. Based on this data, the dispatch system makes recommendations to the dispatcher as to who is the most appropriate driver to handle a specific delivery. Through this technology, AQuickDelivery dispatchers can utilize our fleet of delivery personnel most efficiently.

Custom Software

AQuickDelivery is equipped with a state-of-the-art software package, which allows instant customer account information, quoting and order tracking at the touch of a button.

Mobile Data

All of AQuickDelivery' delivery personnel utilize two-way, wireless communication devices. These hand-held devices allow dispatchers to transmit essential details directly to the drivers. In turn, the drivers can send information back to the dispatchers, such as "proof of delivery" receipts, pick-up and delivery times and signatures. This information is then stored for retrieval or instantly sent to the customer via e-mail, or with our new online order entry, tracking and reporting tool -which is available at AQuickDelivery to give you anytime, anywhere access to all of your needs.

Security is Paramount

AQuickDelivery provides continuous, automatic online back-up of critical data, which is immediately secured off-site with "point and click" recovery. We employ dual communication systems and emergency generators that are capable of powering our entire facility, as well as battery back-ups throughout. Our climate-controlled building is protected by an automatic sprinkler system and monitored 24/7 by fire and theft alarms.

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