Same-Day Grocery Delivery Growing in London

It use to be the exception when it comes to Same-Day Delivery, but now ordering groceries online is beginning to become a bigger interest by retailers all over the world.  London is one city that has some grocery retailers that have decided to take the leap with same-day grocery services with hopes that it will pay off.

Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury have implemented same-day grocery delivery pilot programs to test and see if it will ultimately work.  BBC News discussed with Sainsbury its’ perspective and strategy for getting the service off the ground.  The grocery chain giant is optimistic about the delivering groceries the same day. One reason is because the “appetite” of customers for same-day grocery delivery has been high, right along with next-day delivery, which is what Sainsbury already had successfully in place.

Sainsbury is testing grocery delivery in 30 of its’ stores in London.  Its’ strategy is to see the results of the pilot program and make any necessary adjustments moving forward with it.  Currently, Sainsbury customers can order their groceries online by midday and have it delivered by that evening.  While in the US, same-day delivery fees are roughly $5, Sainsbury delivery charge ranges up to 9 pounds, equating to about $11 US dollars.  Yet, shoppers with a subscription membership or that make online orders over 100 pounds, would be free.

Sainsbury is just one of the four biggest grocery store retailers in the London and England areas.  All of them have taken their respective approaches and strategies that fits their company models.  Morrisons has partnered with Amazon Fresh for its’ grocery delivery.  Tesco is testing the service in London and in the South-East.  Asda is the exception, which has not jumped into same-day grocery delivery.

BBC highlighted a Sainsbury store and discussed with one of its’ employees some of the processes involved when fulfilling an online grocery order.  The picking of fresh fruit and vegetables for online orders have to be done properly and accurately.  They can’t just pick anything and deliver it.  If the items picked for delivery on the behalf of the online shopper is rotten and in bad condition, it could result in re-delivery.  This type of error can eat up an already low profit margin.

Grocery delivery creates the level of convenience that is high in demand for shoppers, and its’ only fitting for retailers to respond to it.  A Same-Day Courier like AQuickDelivery is a sound option for grocery stores in the Atlanta area to implement the service and capture online sales.  The Atlanta Courier can take its’ delivery expertise and fulfill online orders fast.

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