Google Express Grows, Adds Same-Day Delivery in 13 More States

same day deliveryIf any retailer is going to get remotely close to Amazon, they are going to have to implement at the same pace that the e-retail leader is doing.  The recent launch by Google shows that it has every intention of doing just that.

USA Today recently reported that Google adds 13 more states to its’ current list of cities that it offers Same-Day Delivery via  Google Express.  These new US states will include Alabama, Kentucky, Utah, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming and Washington.  These cities involve the Southeastern and Midwestern regions of the country and some of these states aren’t the most popular areas that delivering same day is sought after establishing there.  Google must have the numbers to show that states like Wyoming and Montana are profitable, especially to the retailers that Google is partnered with.

“At Google Express, our job is to make people’s lives easier. What we really are trying to do here is make it easier to shop from merchants you love,” Google Express General Manager Brian Elliott said in an interview with The Tennessean.  Easier is definitely the case for shoppers today, as there has been an increase in the comfort level on shopping online, instead of just at the brick-and-mortar store.  Mobile devices allows customers to order from anywhere at anytime, which gives the retailer that can meet that demand a competitive advantage.

Elliott also talked about in the article about utilizing its’ core competency to provide a product that will meet retailer needs.  “We think of ourselves as a technology platform because that’s what we’re really good at. We’re trying to build a platform that lots of merchants can participate in,” Elliott said.  Google partners with retailers like Costco, Whole Foods Market, Kohl’s, PetSmart, Road Runner Sports, Sur La Table, Fry’s, Walgreens, L’Occitane, Payless ShoeSource and Guitar Center.  As Google Express grows, the e-retailer hopes that more retailers will follow.
Adding the new 14 locations, takes Google beyond its’ recent implementation which was in New York.  Earliest this month, Google launched same-day delivery in New York, partnering with some of the same major retailers it has implemented the new locations with.  Roughly 70 million people in over a dozen states, including the tri-state areas, ware able to easily order online from their smartphones.  This gives Google Express a good push forward with fast delivery in one of the biggest cities in the US before the holiday season begins.

Google’s example of rapid implementation shows that e-retailers can roll-out same-day delivery, and is only a matter of have the right partners in place.  Retailers can turn to a Same-Day Courier like AQuickDelivery that has the courier expertise and driver fleet to help any business enter the market of last-mile deliveries.  It takes creating the omni-channels to streamline physical and e-retail shopping for any company to go to the next level in today’s business world.  The Atlanta Courier assists hundreds of companies deliver products throughout Georgia, even nationwide.

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