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Uber Gets into Delivery

Atlanta CourierUber Technologies Inc., or Uber, has quickly become a household name and one of the world’s most valuable startup corporations by creating a new way to transport people cheaply and conveniently in over 300 cities. Last year, Uber Technologies Inc. sought to build a brand that would transport not only people, but also groceries, carry-out orders, packages, and more. On a surface level, targeting Millennials and Generation X-ers with its convenient app based ordering system and the infrastructure of over 200,000 active drivers (nearly double the size of the United States Parcel Service Inc.), this vision seemed like a home run for Uber Technologies Inc. and a hugely groundbreaking way for customers to receive same-day delivery items. Just over a year into their plan, and with just six businesses on board for the Uber courier service in their test market, investors and business analysts are questioning Uber’s ability to pull through on their vision.

Despite having the needed infrastructure and popularity of the brand, the delivery service recently lost out on deals with both Apple Inc. and Starbucks, both of whom ultimately signed partnerships with startup Postmates Inc., according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. UberEats, an offshoot of the Uber taxi service familiar to millions, is seeing marginal success in its NYC, LA, Chicago, Toronto, and Barcelona test markets. Still, Uber remains committed and optimistic to the expansion of this aspect of their brand, “We will continue to experiment and test new products that benefit both customers and the cities in which we operate,” Jason Droege who runs the project, UberEverything, told The Wall Street Journal.

Same-day courier has become a fiercely competitive market in recent years with startups such as Uber, Instacart Inc., and Deliv Inc. competing with corporate giants like Amazon and eBay and Google for consumer business. Consumers are now desiring, and often even demanding, same-day delivery and making their choices about where to spend their money based on the speed of delivery available. Uber looks to capitalize on their existing infrastructure in the taxi business by having drivers deliver food during their slowest time period (10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.), which would generate additional revenue for Uber drivers. With UberRush, Uber Technologies Inc. is testing same-day delivery using bicycle courier in parts of New York City and New Jersey. Using UberRush, for example, a customer could purchase a suit and have it delivered to their home or office for a $15 delivery fee as compared to the free, next-day delivery offered by FedEx. For the generation who desires instant gratification, the $15 delivery fee is nominal enough to make it worth the charge.

Uber Technologies Inc. has seen unprecedented success in their industry since its inception. Despite the slow growth in the areas of food and parcel delivery of their corporation, Uber continues to receive investments and financial backing from individuals and companies like no other startup or existing corporation. People feel good about what Uber Technologies Inc. can do for the courier industry, and so, it is too soon to tell if the success of Uber will remain in the transport of people or if their expansion will be successful.

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