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Moms Doing Alot Of Same-Day Delivery Mobile Shopping

Mother With Child Using Laptop At HomeRetailers are sure to continue growth with same-day delivery, especially with the enormous amount of mobile device use. All types of shoppers these days have found the fast service convenient, and a recent report shows how early parenthood moms are getting in on it too.

Mashable shared how has experienced an influx of moms shopping online for diapers via their mobile device. Last year, 50% of purchases were made on a mobile device. That is very high, especially considering this number was at 25% a year before.  In addition to these figures, TechCrunch stated that mobile shopping only accounted for 1% of the multi-trillion-dollar retail sales in the US.  This shows how mobile shopping has been huge for in the baby retail industry and probably will continue in the years ahead.

Senior vice president of marketing and business development for Michal Geller discussed how moms are impacting same-day delivery.  “Moms send us stories all the time of nursing her baby at 3 a.m., realizing she’s almost out of diapers or some other essential, placing an order with us through our app, and having the package show up at her door later that day,” he said.  He went on to say, “Same-day delivery is a game-changer for busy moms.”  The diaper market is expected to reach $52 billion worldwide by 2017.  This means that same-day delivery is going to shape online business for other complimenting items, such as wipes, as well as other frequent-use baby products.

The article mentioned also how has attracted mobile shoppers through large investments into its’ app. The app is designed for one-hand use, which is perfect for baby parenthood moms.  The app also allows for a customer’s shopping cart to stay connected to his or her account throughout the browsing process, even when toggling between laptop and phone use.  It is family-oriented and very convenient for moms, which may be one reason why Amazon bought it in 2010, along with and has Amazon warehouse access also.  Amazon has aggressively pushed same-day delivery in recent years, including its’ new roll-out of free service for Prime Members in a number of major US cities.

Moms are utilizing and other sites to meet their on-demand shopping needs.  Since physical retail stores have launched same-day delivery also in order to establish themselves as a fast service provider, moms will no doubt be ordering from them also.  Stores like Whole Foods are even offering same-day grocery delivery.  With factoring all of the shopping options, retailers can partner withAQuickDelivery to pick up and deliver for them instead of delivering products on their own.  The Atlanta Courier has the same-day logistics expertise and driving staff to partner with any retailer for optimal delivery solutions. Moms can use AQuickDelivery for on-demand hospital courier services as well.

Reference:  7.8.15,, Adrienne LaFrance, Mobile shopping’s early adopters: New moms

PostMates Pursues Same-Day Delivery For $1

food deliveryAs if the race couldn’t get even more competitive, PostMates has now moved to a new same-day delivery rate to outpace the market.  The Wall Street Journal has reported that PostMates has raised $80 million in an effort to implement same-day delivery for $1. PostMates received the amount within a round of funding led by Tiger Global Management.

PostMates is an on-demand courier like AQuickDelivery that picks up and deliveries almost anything you can think of.  It utilizes thousands of couriers nationwide to meet their customer demand.  The report mentions how the new rate is going to be a big difference from the norm, which usually ranges between $5 to $20 per courier order.

From the onset, it appears not workable, however, Chief Executive Bastian Lehmann stated the idea is to offer same-day delivery of $1 in locations in which their couriers have multiple items to pick up at one time and deliver to close radius destinations. So in essence, PostMates will consolidate their orders and dispatch their couriers into making nearby deliveries.  The article gave an example of delivering to a college dorm during a major ball game like Monday Night Football.  For this model, logistically costs and time management will be crucial to its’ sustainability, especially keeping delivery errors to a minimum.  Big errors can easily eat away at the courier’s profit.

The charge will be $1 per piece on the order, in addition to  20% delivery fee and 9% service fee.  PostMates will also make it work by delivering food and other goods to high-density zip codes at peak times.  A good example would be during lunch hours for major city and downtown locations.  With enough volume, this type of rate model will add up in light of business customers that become repeat users of PostMates.

Food orders are big for PostMates.  “We love food, but food has always been for us a vehicle to build a big logistics company,” Lehmann stated in the report.  “Food is for us what books were for Amazon.”  Indeed, Amazon did have books as its’ staple, but it knew it had to change as business trends began to change also.  Now, the online giant has made retail a huge core product, even now offering a same-day delivery service of its’ own.  Recently, Amazon announced its’ roll out of free same-day delivery in several major US cities.

Same-day delivery is becoming more and more of an online service need for e-retailers.  It’s projected that online retail will reach $500 billion by 2018, and technology has a lot to do with it.  Couriers have their place in creating the growth that the retail industry wants to capture.  Even Macy’s has partnered with Deliv to perform same-day delivery.  AQuickDelivery is a superior same-day courier to partner with in the Atlanta and Metro-Atlanta area.  Whether for lunch orders or volume package deliveries, the Atlanta Courier has the logistical expertise, experience and driver staff to handle a variety of courier needs.

Reference:  6.25.15,, Douglas MacMillan & Greg Bensinger, Postmates Raises $80 Million in Push Toward $1 Deliveries

Yelp Competes With GrubHub in Same-Day Food Delivery, Buys Eat24

Same Day Food DeliveryOne thing is certain and it is that same-day delivery is not just going to expand with retail products, but also in the food industry as well.  The new big move from Yelp shows that same-day food delivery is in high demand and the industry is moving towards being able to to provide this level of service throughout the US.

The Huffington Post has reported that Yelp has bought Eat24, a popular online food-ordering service, for $134 million.  Eat24 offers online delivery and takeout services to almost 20,000 restaurants in more than 1,500 cities in the United States.  Yelp paid $75 million in cash, plus 1.4 million Class A shares for the California-based Eat24.  What this does for Yelp is create quick expansion as it pursues to get heavily into the same-day food delivery market.  With the growth of mobile technology use, consumers are able to engage in e-commerce from anywhere, which means food orders can be place from anywhere also.  As consumers desire to maximize their time, food ordering is becoming more and more popular.

From the move alone, Yelp has experienced a boost in business stock, revenue and reviews already.  Its’ stock shares went up 6.5% and has raised its’ first quarter revenue forecasts.  The article stated that growth in average monthly unique visitors to Yelp’s website,, and its related app slowed to 13% in the December quarter from 39% a year earlier.  Also, the acquisition of Eat24 for $134 million puts Yelp in a position to compete with market leader GrubHub, whose shares have risen about 50% since the company went public in last April.

With the Eat24 purchase, Yelp’s revenue forecast for the current quarter went to $118.5 million-$120.5 million, from $114 million-$116 million.  It also increased its full-year revenue forecast to $574 million-$579 million, from $538-$543 million.  Therefore, the surplus of growth has had immediate results as Yelp appears to be gearing up for expansion nationwide.

Analysts on average were expecting revenue of $115.7 million for the quarter and $542.8 million for the full year, B Riley & Co analyst Sameet Sinha stated that Eat24 has a 6% margin on an EBITDA basis, compared to GrubHub’s 30%.  “So there’s room for growth there,” said Sinha.  Essentially, Yelp grabbed Eat24 and its’ users at the same time.  Matt Maloney, GrubHub’s chief executive and co-founder, estimated the size of the US online food delivery market at $70 billion.  He stated in an interview to Reuters, “We didn’t even process $2 billion in 2014”.  It’s no coincidence that Yelp is strategically pursuing to catch up to GrubHub; its’ competitor could get to far along in expanding and controlling the online food market.  The business move makes sense before there is too much ground to cover with GrubHub.

GrubHub is conducting some restaurant buying of its’ own.  The article mentions that GrubHub bought restaurant delivery service DiningIn last week, and it plans to buy another delivery firm, Restaurants on the Run. What’s interesting is currently GrubHub only connects restaurants to customers and the restaurants must handle the deliver.  GrubHub and restaurants can also partner with a same-day courier likeAQuickDelivery to pick up and deliver food orders in the Atlanta area.  The Atlanta courier has the courier technology and expertise to deliver effectively, coupled with an experienced driver staff.  Yelp and others can benefit from AQuickDelivery and grow their same-day food delivery online.

Reference:  2.10.15, Huffington Post, Subrat Patnaik and Sai Sachin R, Yelp Challenges GrubHub With New Food Delivery Buy

Instacart Partners With Petco For Same-Day Delivery

Atlanta CourierRetailers like Google and Amazon have made same-day delivery popular for a number of household items, electronics, clothing, and groceries too.  Instacart is in the mix for groceries too, however, it is now broadening its’ business into pet food.
Instacart has announced it has landed a $2 billion valuation from Petco and will begin delivering goods for them same-day.  Petco has now become Instacart’s first non-grocery partner.  The Wall Street Journal reported the news a few days ago.  Instacart’s couriers will deliver to Petco customers their online orders of pet items, like kitty litter, dog food and birdhouses as fast as within one hour.   The fee will be between $3.99 and $5.99. Petco deliveries will launch in Instacart’s hometown San Francisco and in Boston.

Instacart makes money from delivery charges and fees that store owners pay, as well as product markups.  Safeway and Whole Foods are two examples of the grocery stores Instacart has contracted couriers to pick up customer orders to deliver to their front door.  The article mentions how this model alleviates warehousing and inventory costs by the delivery company.  The result is a delivery service that is affordable and can remain that way, ultimately to the end customer.  Same-day delivery isn’t sustainable with high operating expenses.

The Petco deal may help with Instacart and gain more market share in the delivery industry, now that customers can see the company can pick up and delivery pet items.  The article stated that customers may pay a delivery fee to pick up heavy items like dog food and bags of litter.  It does make sense, especially if that’s all they need.  The question is will Instacart get enough of these online order types to be profitable and also, will it be able to keep the delivery fee where it is.  Either way, online retail is estimated to grow $500 billion by 2018, therefore, the demand will be there.

“Groceries are more than sufficient for us, but why stop there?”, stated Instacart’s CEO Apoorva Mehta.  The Wall Street Journal spoke with Mehta early this month, in addition stating Instacart would likely expand into other areas.  Quite a few retailers have all launched testing of same-day delivery in San Francisco, being a number of big name e-retailers started there, including Google, which partnered with Target, Wal-Green’s, Toys-R-Us, American Eagle, and others.

The pet food company appears to be joining in with other retailers rolling out same-day delivery.  Various retailers are doing so, like Macy’s late last year, launching the service in 8 major US cities, including Los Angeles, San Jose, Houston, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Washington DC, and New Jersey.  It will also utilize its’ five web-focused fulfillment centers in Arizona, California, Connecticut, West Virginia, and Tennessee.  Macy’s has partnered with Deliv, a contracted delivery partner, to make direct shipment to customers from stores within close proximity to stores.

In Atlanta, Whole Foods utilizes AQuickDelivery to perform same-day delivery of groceries from its’ stores directly to its’ customers, from residential shoppers to businesses for lunch occasions, meetings and other events.  The Atlanta courier has the driver expertise and same-day delivery solution experience to be a same-day courier for any retailer needing online order fulfillment.

Reference:  1.23.15, Wall Street Journal, Greg Bensinger, Instacart Now Delivers Kitty Litter With Petco Deal

Will Same-Day Delivery Success Depend On The Driver?

Courier ServiceIt’s no secret that e-commerce is experiencing growth like never before, estimating to reach $500 billion by 2018.  With the use of tech gadgets and simplifying shopping via same-day delivery, e-retail giants like Google and Amazon are deciding to take the hit upfront in order to capitalize on the future expectations with online business.  Indeed, experts are saying the big boys are making huge investments to make same-day delivery work, yet is it a win-win for everyone, including the drivers themselves.

Behind the big company is the little guy in the back–the one that’s making it all work.  The Huffington Post recently released an article related to Amazon’s same-day delivery growth during the holiday season, closing out the year in grand style.  It follows a tough third quarter for the e-retail leader, experiencing an over $437 million loss.  This wasn’t just because of sales.  Again, the big investments into its’ same-day delivery programs did the trick, expanding into 8 more major US cities, including New York City, Baltimore, Dallas, Indianapolis, Dallas, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.

With the holiday sales figures announced in one of Amazon’s latest press releases, the retailer shipped 10 times as many items as it did last year.  This is remarkable and touts that the big push with city expansions within the last few months of the year were worth it.  However, is the growth coming at a cost; not to Amazon or the shopper, but to the driver–the guy in the back.  This aspect of same-day delivery need to be revisited.

Huffington spotlighted a previous article earlier this year of one driver, Myron Ballard, and the cons he had to carry along with his packages.  He stated, “Ballard had to purchase the cargo van he drives for work. He doesn’t get reimbursed for the wear and tear he puts on it; for the gasoline he pours into it on a near-daily basis; for the auto insurance he needs to carry; or for the parking tickets he inevitably racks up downtown. He doesn’t even get reimbursed for the LaserShip uniform he’s obliged to purchase and wear”.  The article also mentions how Ballard delivers about 150 packages per day for Amazon, however, he only may have earned $225.

Ballard is an independent driver via LaserShip, a shipping service Amazon partnered with to perform same-day delivery in Washington DC.  Other retailers like Macy’s, Toys-R-Us, Wal-Green’s, and more are all have partnered with a courier to help execute last-mile deliveries also.  A same-day courier like AQuickDelivery would be ideal for a retailer looking for a courier with the logistical expertise to create an optimal same-day delivery solution.  The Atlanta courier has years of experience delivering for large companies with cost savings, including keeping their drivers happy.  At the end of the day, the driver has to be considered as part of the success of same-day delivery too.

Reference:  12.26.14, Huffington Post, Alexander C. Kaufman, Amazon’s Enormous Same-Day Delivery Growth Comes At A Price

Deliv Working With Malls For Same-Day Delivery

Mall ShoppingMalls are always a hot spot for shopping and quiet is kept, they are seeking after a way to keep customers coming back for more.  It appears Deliv has come up with a way to partner with mall retail stores to offer shoppers a deal they can’t refuse.  Ask Deliv CEO Daphne Carmeli and she will tell you her plan is to do it with same-day delivery, making it a “no-brainer” for mall shopping.

The Washington Post recently released an article about Deliv’s pursuit of mastering same-day delivery and its’ service model.  Started in 2012, Deliv now has 250 retail partners, including Macy’s, Foot Locker, Brooks Brothers and Neiman Marcus. The delivery company has also expanded into 8 metropolitan areas nationwide.  This falls in line with a number of big retailers that roll out the service in major US cities that are densely populated.  Same-day delivery must have volume, and in Deliv’s case, malls in these areas definitely do the trick.

“I can walk around Disneyland, buy stuff, and have it show up at my hotel. Why can’t I do that at the mall?”, said Carmeli as she made her pitch to mall owner and Macerich operator Art Coppola.  Her philosophy is different and more complex than just delivering something fast at a cheap price.  “The market opportunity for same-day delivery has very little to do with meeting the needs of people who want things fast,” Carmeli said.  She feels shoppers want customization, coupled with predictability and flexibility.

This means shoppers have options when they will get purchases and where their delivered, regardless of where they physically are.  Within a two-hour window, their items arrive between their haircut and their kid’s soccer game.  If their delivery is scheduled for 6:30pm, but at the last minute, the shopper needs to bump the time up by 30 minutes, Deliv can do it.  What is also attractive to malls is the ability for customers to have their bags delivered to their home for $5 bucks, instead of totting them around all day.

Macerich vice president Kurt Ivey stated in the article, “we are not making money on this.  We are not trying to generate revenue, we are trying to enhance the [shopping] experience.”  Deliv gives malls the service that keeps the shopper at the mall.  Ivey mentioned how most of the time, if a shopper has to make a trip to their car to unload their bags, those same shoppers usually don’t come back into the mall.  There are several reasons malls like the Deliv idea and four major mall operators — Simon, Westfield, Macerich and GGP — have all become Deliv investors.

Google and Amazon are just to name a few retailers that have recently expanded right before the holiday shopping rush.  Google and Deliv have the commonality of partnering with retailers to get their products literally moving.  A same-day courier like AQuickDelivery is a viable option for last-mile deliveries in the Atlanta area.  The Atlanta courier has the driver staff and same-day delivery expertise to develop cost-effective solutions for services at malls.

Reference:  12.12.14, Washington Post, Sarah Halzack, Will the same-day delivery war be won by a competitor you’ve never heard of?

Can Only Physical Store Retailers Succeed With Same-Day Delivery?

Retail StoreWhen same-day delivery started only as a trend for Amazon, Google and eBay, all of the above started the race at a fast pace.  Amazon started differently then the others, opening a multitude of distribution centers strategically nationwide, while Google Express launched a year ago on the west coast with store retailers like Target, Wal-Green’s and others.  Now, Google has rolled out its’ service in several major US cities and more reported to come.  Amazon has launched same-day delivery in many US cities, including Atlanta, as well as in Canada.  However, EBay has not had the success it anticipated.Only one of the big name web-based retailers has jumped shipped for now to rethink its plan to get same-day delivery to work.  EBay had a massive expansion outlook into 25 cities in 2014, however, last week the eBay Now app was pulled as a stand alone tool, rolling it into the eBay website and main mobile app.  The Motley Fool reported eBay’s pull back of the app, asking if the well-known e-retailer was an example of more to follow.  One of the aspects of eBay’s service mentioned was its’ order volume, which eBay Now just didn’t generate enough to sustain itself.

Order volume is essential for same-day delivery to work on a massive scale, as in the case of eBay, which many physical store retailers and department stores have.  It is apparently why one-time partner Macy’s, transitioned from eBay and launched same-day delivery on its’ own.  Macy’s recently launched same-day delivery Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Chicago, Washington DC, New Jersey, Houston, and Seattle.  Bloomingdale’s, its’ sister company, also rolled out the service Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, and Chicago.  From Monday through Saturday, orders placed with Macy’s by 1pmare delivered the same day within a selected two-hour delivery window option.  Orders must be placed by 11am on Sundays.

After seeing Macy’s aggressively entering the race of same-day delivery, experts are seeing there is good reason to do so.  The physical store locations could have the key to crack the code for the popular service.  In an article by Forbes, president of Newmarketbuilders Carol Spieckerman said, “The big breakthrough is department stores finally coming around to the reality that not everyone loves to shop (a premise that most have myopically held onto despite evidence to the contrary).  Department stores’ stubborn store-centricity may have held them back in the digital realm, but now Macy’s is showing everyone how to play a mean game of catch-up on multiple fronts.”

Wal-Mart is another retail leader that has exploded with implementing same-day delivery, even offering free service in various Canada areas in an effort to compete with there.  Wal-Mart To Go is growing and it attests to the sensibility for physical store retailers to offer same-day delivery.  Web-based retailers are seeing that it takes a form of warehousing in close proximity to shoppers, even if it is partnering with a brick-and-mortar store.  Web-based retailers can also partner with a same-day courier like AQuickDelivery to save on delivery costs.  A big plus with using the Atlanta courier is it has the technology to optimize orders and experienced driver fleet, which in turn, will maximize profits.
Reference:  12.4.14, The Motley Fool, Rich Duprey, Same-Day Delivery Application Killed Off by eBay: Who Fails Next?

EBay Steps Back To Rethink It’s Same-Day Service EBay Now

eBayIt was just a year ago when the big web-based retailers, Google, Amazon and eBay, all began to announce their plans to change how we do retail with same-day delivery.  They didn’t just talk, but had the huge investments to prove it.  Months later, Google Express, formerly Google Shopping Express, has expanded into multiple US cities.  Amazon has 13 cities under its’ belt and a physical store in New York to match.  So what about eBay?

E-retail giant eBay decided to take a step back and rethink its’ same-day delivery program reported TechCrunch.  The retailer has officially pulled its’ same-day service eBay Now from the App Store over this past weekend, proving it is serious about the move.  The report made known the reality of eBay experiencing what most experts would say about the cons with same-day delivery–the high costs involved could dampen the profitability of it.  For a retailer’s same-day service to work, all the pieces must fit and eBay makes a super smart move realizing that.  EBay Now via the app consisted of allowing shoppers to order items from their phones and receive them the same day for $5.

EBay is “moving to core”, stated an eBay spokesperson about eBay Now.  This means the service will no longer be a standalone application.  It will be integrated within eBay’s main mobile app and website instead.  For the web-based retailer, the application is the central hub for shoppers and source for business generation.  The app could have been found to not be yielding the revenue to justify being on its’ own, resulting in the merge.  EBay Now was launched in 2012 in San Francisco and then expanded into San Jose and the Bay Area Peninsula. Ebay then added Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, New York, in addition to Dallas and Chicago.

EBay didn’t have its’ own same-day delivery plan to consider, but also the massive amount of competition on its’ level. Amazon and Google, both web-based, aren’t the only stiff competitors with the service.  Well-known department store retailer Macy’s has now stepped into the ring and isn’t pulling punches, as it rolled out same-day delivery in eight major US cities last month.  Working with start up company Deliv, Macy’s now offers the service in New Jersey, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Houston, Washington DC, and Chicago.  Sister company Bloomingdale’s, also rolled out the service in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, and Chicago as well.

The pricing structure appears to be what eBay is evaluating also.  Macy’s same-day service is only $5 for orders over $99.  For smaller orders, Macy’s charges standard shipping rates plus $5.  Google Express charges $4.99 per order or $10 a month and $95 annually.  Amazon’s same-day delivery charge is $5.99 for Amazon Prime members and $9.98 for Non-Prime members the first item and $.99 cents for each additional item.  Retail leader Wal-Mart and its’ “Walmart To Go” is $10 regardless of the customer’s order size.  Wal-Mart and Macy’s also provide a BOPIS (buy online, pick-up in-store) option for shoppers who don’t want to wait in line.

There is no question that eBay has much to consider to make a legitimate run at competing with same-day delivery.   Retailers involved with same-day delivery like Home Depot, Toys-R-Us, Walgreen’s, Urban Outfitters, and more, aren’t performing the deliveries themselves.  A same-day courier like AQuickDelivery can be a partner for eBay, not only in Atlanta, but also to expand into other US cities.  The Atlanta courier has the capabilities to implement same-day delivery nationwide and has the logistical expertise that eBay could use to establish itself in the retail market with optimal costs.

Reference:  11.24.14,, Sarah Perez, Ebay Now Pulled From App Store As Company Rethinks Its Same-Day Delivery Plans