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UPS Increases Staff For Holidays, Aims For Better On-Time Delivery

Holiday ShoppingWhen it comes to the holidays, an online shopper has just purchased a prime gift for their recipient and expectations are high regarding on-time delivery, especially when it’s Christmas.  Yet, it can all go wrong if the carrier that is supposed to deliver the online item prior to the holiday, actually delivers it two days after it’s gone.  Better yet, if it even arrives are the correct address at all.

These are the types of errors and more that leading carrier UPS is pursuing to correct for recent years.  USA Today has reported that UPS is set to hire 95,000 temporary employees to position itself for a higher rate of on-time deliveries.  The impact of staffing will make a difference in how packages are prepared, sorted and shipped.  One of UPS’s objective is to not only hire more staff, but also to assure that the seasonal help is the highest possible quality.  It’s no benefit to have thousands of workers without the effectiveness to match for the optimal goal of speed, yet coupled with accuracy.

“We’re ready to kick off our annual holiday hiring process, and need lots of great people for various positions on all shifts across the country,” stated Myron Gray, president of UPS’s U.S. Operations in a statement.  UPS has its’ sights on ramping up the initiative and beginning holiday season delivers in November, all the way into the new year.  Seasonal employees will help delivery all types of toys, electronics and more to thousands of locations nationwide.  These jobs will consist of full-time and part-time positions, will the possibly of them leading to permanent opportunities.

UPS CEO David Abney also commented in the article relative to the new employment opportunities available.  They will offer people an avenue to make additional income for their holiday shopping.  He stated, “For many it’s an opportunity to earn some extra cash for the holidays, but with many of our holiday hires getting permanent jobs with us, it can also be a gateway to a career.”

Online retail has steadily increased in recent years and is forecasted to reach $500 billion by 2018.  This means that there will be an increase in shipping packages that will come along with that growth as well.  Big carriers like UPS and FedEx have to manage being able to meet the demand of retailers, especially when that retailer is just as big as they are.  Amazon shows no signs of slowing down, as its’ Prime membership increases and it continues to offer two-day delivery free.  The e-retail giant has also implemented free Same-Day Delivery to Prime members as well, solidifying the trendy service within 27 major city markets nationwide.

Only time will tell whether UPS will have better on-time delivery during the holidays this year.  However, this will more than likely effect companies development quicker ways to ship.  A Same-Day Courier likeAQuickDelivery has a vast network and can not only deliver in Georgia, but also throughout the US.  The Atlanta Courier has the courier expertise and technology to spearhead efficient same-day solutions to fulfill online orders with short radius, or long distances also.

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To Keep Up With Amazon, Retailers Seek Delivering Faster Online

Same Day DeliveryIt is not uncommon to see shoppers surfing online from their mobile device and conveniently placing an order in no time.  Retailer have to see the shift the technology has created in today’s e-commerce.  On-demand online purchasing has resulted consumers wanted their items fast.  Now the question for retailers is who can literally deliver.

Amazon has raised the stakes by delivering not only free two-day delivery to Prime Members, but by offering two-hour  delivery via Prime Now in several major US cities.  Earlier this year, Amazon’s expanded its’ free Same-Day Delivery program to a total 27 cities, including San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Diego, Dallas-Fort Worth, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Washington DC, Chicago, Richmond, Atlanta, Orlando, and more.  It is only a matter of time that Amazon will have same-day delivery in every major city nationwide.

Whatever Amazon is doing, it is compelling others to implement faster delivery methods.  Internet Retailer recently reported how many top e-retailers in the US are seeking to deliver faster.  Via its’ newly released “Click, Ship & Return: Fulfillment Report”, the study based from 30 retailers showed how they were making delivery time improvements within the last three years.  The report tracked KPI’s such as shipping speed, order processing times and returns, showing the average delivery time was four days.

Depending upon the retailer, it may not so easy getting a delivery and fulfillment system turned in a different direction, especially when technology is moving rapidly.  The article mentioned how e-commerce analytics company Slice Intelligence found how the retailers are getting faster.  One ways was that retailers are building more distribution centers to fulfill online orders, and these facilities are storing merchandise close to many heavily populated areas that is resulting in fast turnaround times.  This is contrary to traditional distribution and warehousing, which utilized less fulfillment centers instead.  Essentially, the closer you are, the faster you can get it there.

Another aspect of their strategy has been to use their bricks-and-mortar locations to fulfill web orders and deliver them from there.  It is a faster method and it reduces the fees they pay shipping carriers.  Wal-Mart has begun testing same-day grocery delivery, being a prime example with its’ vast physical store locations.  It’s Shipping Pass pilot program has also been created to compete with Amazon Prime, giving shoppers a $49 annual fee option for free two-day delivery.  Even the largest retailer in the world is making adjustments online.

To keep pace with Amazon, a viable option for retailers is to partner with a Same-Day Courier like AQuickDelivery to develop an optimal same-day delivery solutions.  The Atlanta Courier has the expertise and technology suited for getting online purchases picked up and delivered to customers consistently fast from retail stores.  This is the aspect of order fulfillment that retailers can benefit from with AQuickDelivery creating cost-effective and efficient same-day services to compete in an evolving e-commerce.

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Tesco Set to Launch Same-Day Delivery in London

Same Day DeliveryIt’s more than just US retailers that are strategically implement Same-Day Delivery to compete online.  Major grocery stores chains in the UK are doing it also.  Supermarket giant Tesco is the latest one with a new same-day service that it hopes to keep the retailer keep stride with Amazon.

The Daily Mail recently reported that Tesco is set to launch a same day ‘click and collect’ service for groceries from 300 stores throughout the UK.  Shoppers will be able to collect all of their orders placed before 1pm from their local store after 4pm the same day.  The time frame falls in line with most same-day services with the cut-off time, positioning companies to have the time necessary to make sure orders are fulfilled.  the cost of the service will be £2 for a two-hour collection slot from Monday to Thursday, and £3 for slots on Friday or Saturday.  The plus about Tesco’s click and collect is that customers can choose either a 4pm to 6pm, or 6pm to 8pm collection window slot for all six days.

“We know time is valuable to our customers and they expect more convenience and choice than ever before in how, when and where they do their grocery shopping”, Tesco said in the article.  The retailer sent on to say, “Our same day grocery click-and-collect service is available at nearly 300 stores across the UK and means our customers can get their shopping at a time and location that is convenient for them.”  There’s nothing like providing a value-added service that promotes customer loyalty and literally meet today’s shopper where they are.  The demand for convenience has increased as a result of tech gadget mobile use being on the rise.  The retailers that can master convenience, will be the companies that will continue leading the market.

Last month,Tesco’s competitor Sainbury announced that it will be rolling out same-day grocery delivery service in over 30 areas in England by Christmas of this year.  The new service is an addition to its’ the grocery retailer’s next-day delivery, which will be offered for all orders placed before 11pm, as long as a delivery slot is available.  Same-day grocery delivery will be offered for all order s placed online by noon, to be dropped off by 6pm the same day.  Like Tesco, Sainsbury will have a pick-up option that will be ready to pick up from 4pm.

Retail analysts Mintel expect  online grocery sales to increase by  73% by 2020, up from £8.6billion to £15billion a year.  The firm also found that 43% of people are doing some grocery shopping online, which  means it’s only a matter of time that same-day delivery will become a major staple in how we do business.  A Same-Day Courier like AQuickDelivery is who grocery store retailers can partner with to implement a suitable same-day delivery model for online shopping.  The Midtown Atlanta Courier has the courier expertise and driver fleet to create an optimal same-day logistics solutions that grocery store chains and other retailers are seeking to establish nationwide.

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Toyota and Lexus Launch Same-Day Delivery of Parts

Same Day DeliveryThe retail industry aren’t the only companies that are implement Same-Day Delivery to elevate service options.  Automakers have jumped into offering fast deliveries with hopes that it will add that kind of value that their dealerships are looking for.

Auto News recently reported how Toyota and Lexus have shifted to creating more delivery innovation by offering same-day parts availability to their dealerships.  This means dealerships that get their parts quicker will ultimately result in faster service.  Parts managers added that the service will lower loaner car use, more efficient use of service bays, and above all, a higher level of customer satisfaction.  Many times, the aspect of a car dealership that receives some of the top negative customer criticism is the service department, especially when there is a substantial amount of waiting time simply for the part to arrive, that actually was due for arrival the previous day.

Automakers use to only deliver parts to their dealerships as fast as the next day.  This is good to have, however, when a customer doesn’t have time to wait, this causes more expenses being created to accommodate them, such as loaner cars and rescheduling for pick up.  Yet, if there are any issues with receipt of that part, this will mean more time and more miles on a car that was only suppose to be loaned for one day.  With same-day delivery, dealerships can set better appointment times and mechanics can prepare their scheduling accordingly.

The new same-day parts delivery will more than likely change that, as even parts manager Luciano Restrepo of Keyes Lexus in Los Angeles the success that the dealership has had with the service thus far.  He stated, “That is the best thing Lexus ever did for us — the fact that we can get a transmission and a vehicle in and out in one day.”  He went on to say, “I utilize the service every single day.”  This shows that automakers have made the correlation between faster parts delivery, faster service and better customer service.  The key that separates one dealership from another is the time it takes to effectively meet a customers’ service demands.

The article also mentioned how most automakers up to this point have been hesitant to offering same-day delivery for parts due to cost and complexity.  With fast delivery, cost management is essential in making the service work.  The volume  at which companies implement the service can quickly result in generating revenue if it has low costs, or significant losses if expenses are out of control without the fees to cover them.  Companies like Amazon are offering the service free to yearly subscribers, coupled with minimum orders, help cover costs.  In Amazon’s case, the e-retailers has the economies of scale to match, making its’ same-day delivery stable and profitable.

Other automakers can partner with a Same-Day Courier like AQuickDelivery to get their parts to local dealers in no time.  The Atlanta Courier has the logistical expertise to develop an optimal same-day solution to ship parts quickly to and between dealerships throughout Georgia.  From parts route delivery to dealership-to-dealership shipping, getting parts the same day to your destination is what AQuickDelivery has established itself to constantly provide.  Toyota and Lexus can utilize AQuickDelivery not only in Georgia, but also on a nationwide basis.

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