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Amazon Prime Growing, Same-Day Delivery Helps

Atlanta CourierThere is no retailer that is taking e-commerce to another level that Amazon and its’ new count of prime members is showing it.  Internet Retailer recently reported that Amazon now has reached 50 million prime members, which some even estimate the membership at 54 million.  This only sets up the retail leader for greater market expansion this year and beyond.  More than likely, those customers are only going to generate more unpaid advertising for an e-retailer that is lengthening its’ gap between itself and the competition.

Yet along with the 54 million membership reach, the average spending per Prime member declined.  Securities research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners LLC estimated that Prime members spent an average of $1,500 yearly on Amazon.  In the fourth quarter of 2015, that figure dropped by 27% to $1,100.  CIRP co-founder and partner Michael Levin, stated that there are two reasons for the spending change. One is that free streaming media options are becoming a bigger part of Prime, and some Prime members paying the $99 annual fee prioritize that over the expedited shipping benefit, resulting in lower spending.  “Second, as Amazon Prime grows, it starts to include a wider range of consumers, including casual or less frequent shoppers,” he said, as early Prime members were the biggest spenders.

Year after year, Amazon’s Prime membership grows 35%, according to the CIRP. The 54 million membership is said by the Consumer Intelligence to equal 47% of all US Amazon shoppers.  The article stated its’ quarterly survey was based on 500 US Amazon shoppers that made a purchase on during the quarter.  The new Prime member count was at 40 million in December 2014.  One of the interesting findings from the Consumer Intelligence is that half of Amazon’s total 14 million shoppers became Prime members during the fourth quarter of the year.  Amazon stated that 3 million were added in the third week of December alone.

This shows that Amazon is gaining more members during the holiday season than in any other part of the year.  It is the time that most retailers make their most sales, even to make up for any quarter losses.  Also, there has not been another retailer that has shown that it can deliver online purchases more effectively than Amazon.  It appears that shoppers during the holidays are opting to choose a retailer that they can trust and it makes sense that Amazon’s Prime membership will continue to thrive between Black Friday to Christmas.

One key that has led to Amazon Prime growth is its’ expansion of free same-day delivery.  The new fast service allows shoppers to get their online items on-demand.  Amazon launched free same-day delivery last year in 14 metropolitan cities the US, beginning with California cities in the Southland, which included San Fernando Valley to Irvine, the Redlands and Moreno Valley in the east.  The other cities to join the list included the San Francisco Bay Area, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Indianapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle-Tacoma, Washington DC, Tampa Bay, and Atlanta.

The online retail front-runner has the optimal logistics delivery system that is making the difference and other retailers can take note.  Retailers can partner with a Same-Day Courier like AQuickDelivery the develop an effective delivery model to market and attract more shoppers to buying from them online.  The Atlanta Courier has the expertise and driver fleet to quickly implement same-day delivery, next-day delivery and in-store pick up.

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Christmas Stats Show Same-Day Delivery Growing In Britain

Atlanta CourierIt may be true that once a shopper goes same-day delivery, they won’t go back.  This is what the stats are showing in Britain during this past holiday season.  Last Christmas was good for retailers, as 11% of shoppers questioned between the 21st and the 23rd of December had used same-day delivery and 84% of them were satisfied with the service.  Retail Times discussed in their article via stats from ICM Unlimited.  The research company also found that 26% of those who have not used same day delivery, would be likely to use it in the future.

Associate Director at ICM Unlimited, Kate Bewick, commented in the article about the company’s on their findings.  She stated, “Retailers will be delighted to see what we consider to be one of the most interesting findings of this research – that many of the people who used same delivery over Christmas 2015 are now more likely to select it in the future. In fact, one third (33%) of all shoppers are more likely to choose a retailer who offers this service, and that figure increases to 34% of 35-54 year olds and 44% of 18-34 year olds. Perhaps most illuminating is that 83% of the people who used same day delivery in December are likely to use it again in future.  These figures give retailers a clear indication of the advantage delivery can offer in the very competitive market they operate in – particularly in the light of some of the disappointing Christmas trading figures that have already been have released.”

One of the biggest stats that ICM found is that 33% of shoppers would choose to go with a retailer that can provide same-day delivery.  This affirms the direction that so many retailers are going in to meet the shopper demand for convenient purchasing.  Amazon has launched same-day delivery is a number of US markets, including including the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle-Tacoma, San Diego, Dallas-Fort Worth, Boston, Baltimore, Indianapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, and Washington DC.  Chicago and Orlando were added to the list last year before the holiday season offering same-day delivery for free.

The e-retail leader also recently made a global acquisition to wholly acquire French delivery company Colis Prive.  It already owns 25% of the company and appears to be going after more.  Amazon sees enough growth with fast delivery to make huge investments into having the service established not only in the US, but in the world.  It takes a solid forecast of where the service is headed in order to do what Amazon is doing.  Other companies like Google, Macy’s, BestBuy, Uber, Toys-R-Us, and more have all went with the trend to be able to get their products sold beyond their physical stores.

Being able to have an edge on other retailers online is key, and it makes sense to go where the market is going.  Same-day delivery is forecasted to reach $987 million by 2019, which is right in line with online growth set to hit $500 billion by 2018.  Online retail has been on a consistent increase by 40% annually as well.  Therefore, the need to a have a stronger e-commerce presence will be vital for any retailer or business.  The ones that can offer same-day delivery when it really becomes a bigger staple service, will be the companies that will thrive.
A Same-Day Courier like AQuickDelivery has been partnering with several companies in the Atlanta area to implement a same-day delivery solution that is helping increase sales there.  The Atlanta Courier has a superior driver fleet and the fast delivery solution expertise necessary to get a retailer off the ground within this market.  As technology grows, it’s clear that competing via e-commerce is going to be how retailers will get more shoppers to buy from them.

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Triple F.A.T. Goose Offering Same-Day Delivery in New York

Atlanta CourierWhen a car becomes gets frozen over like a Popsicle in New York, you know that it’s very cold there.  Yet, it is good for premium coat maker Triple F.A.T. Goose that is pursuing to capitalize on being able to keep New Yorkers warm in a hurry–the same day.

Triple F.A.T. Goose has decided to jump into the same-day delivery race and is launching the service beginning January 13th in the Manhattan area.  This is right in the middle of the winter season in which the demand for quality coats is high.  Triple manufactures coats known for their durability.  They are created to handle arctic temperatures and there’s no better place to have one of them than there.  One of Triple F.A.T. Goose’s coats that it will offered will be the Ovstyn coat, regularly selling for $400.  Another will be the Hesselberg coat, regularly priced at $450.  Both are exclusively available on its’ website

With same-day delivery, there is always a time frame set that is most effective and reliable for the company providing it.  For Triple, shoppers must place their order by 11am to receive their coat the same day.  For all requested orders after 11am will receive it the following day.  With a morning cut-off time, it leaves Triple the remainder of the afternoon and evening to get its’ deliveries performed on time.  Whether the retailer is performing their own deliveries or partnering with a Same-Day Courier like AQuickDelivery to do it for them, it will be critical to get shoppers their coats for not only their initial order, but also for future repeat sales.

A number of retailers capitalized on providing last-mile deliveries during the holidays.  With the holiday shopping season just passing, it makes sense for Triple to seek to extend the offer of getting online orders to customers’ door steps in no time.  Same-day delivery will become a normal staple of online retail, just as next-day delivery has.  E-commerce is taking a turn, evolving into a more fast tech-based business sector all of its’ own.  As a result of how technology has made ordering online convenient, retailers are seeing how convenient they can make their overall shopping experience.

One well-known retailer in the clothing industry, Macy’s, rolled out same-day delivery a few years ago and continues to expand its’ program.  Last August before the holiday season, Macy’s launched same-day delivery in 9 more markets, adding to its’ already 8 markets.  The department store leader sees the potential sales growth that a same-day option provides and this probably will continue.

This is a testament to the longevity that same-day delivery has broken through into, instead of being just a trend.  If there is any window of being a viable option to offer with your online business, it will be worth at the least to test the service.  AQuickDelivery is an Atlanta Courier that goes above and beyond with a same-day logistics expertise that can help any retailers gain more market share quickly.  The key is meeting the convenience demand by shoppers and AQuickDelivery can provide that, even extend nationwide.

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