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Deliv Acquires Zipments To Grow Same-Day Delivery.

Atlanta CourierOnce it wasn’t known that same-day delivery would become a staple for retailers and businesses.  Yet now, technology has improved to the point of being able to pinpoint how to make the numbers work with the service.  Big retailers like Amazon, Google, Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, BestBuy, and more have all jumped in to get shoppers their online orders in the same day.  They aren’t doing it on their own though. Most of them partner with a Same-Day Courier or a similar company that can perform the deliveries for them.

This is precisely what companies like Deliv has stepped in and taken advantage of with some leading retailers, meeting their need for same-day delivery.  The startup company is doing deliveries for several retailers in the US, as wells as mall stores.  To handle of its’ fast growth, Deliv has announced an acquisition of New York delivery company Zipments.  Biz Journal has reported that for an undisclosed amount, Deliv purchased Zipments, which is the company’s second acquisition with a major city.  The first was WeDeliver in Chicago.

Deliv founder and CEO Daphne Carmeli talked about the move in a press release stating, “Zipments has established itself as the leader of same-day delivery in New York City, and the team has done a magnificent job building up its profitable business in this prime and complex market.  When you consider that one of the keys to our business is route density, joining forces enhances operational inefficiencies. We also share a similar philosophy, similar business model, and similar clients, so Zipments is a great match for us on multiple levels.”  It appears Deliv is preparing to handle more stores for it’s retail partners.

Macy’s is one example of a department store retailer that has partnered with Deliv to compete online.  In 2013, Macy’s launched same-day programs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Seattle, Washington DC, Chicago, New Jersey, and Houston.  Bloomingdale’s, its’ sister company, also rolled out the service in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Chicago.  Macy’s has now expanded its’ same-day delivery nearing 20 markets throughout the US, topping Amazon’s market coverage areas. With roughly 885 locations, Deliv will have its’ hands full with Macy’s continued growth.

Another retailer that has partnered with Deliv to get its’ same-day delivery off the ground is BestBuy.  The electronics retailer has began testing same-day delivery in San Francisco and in its’ surrounding areas.  It couldn’t come at a better time, being other retailers have already launched same-day delivery to gear up for the holidays.  Black Friday is right around the corner and BestBuy is looking to gain ground in online retail, competing against Amazon like everyone else.

Every retailer that’s offering same-day delivery are engaging in a courier logistics solution.  Even though a retailer offers to deliver online items by 9pm or earlier, some customers need their items even quicker than that. Deliv is in essence providing a courier service like AQuickDelivery does on a daily basis.  The Marietta Courier not only can pick up and deliver within the extended hours of the day, it can also deliver as fast as within an hour.  AQuickDelivery can partner with retailers to provide same-day solutions.  Retailers may need service within an hour or two during the holidays, which is what the courier specializes in.

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BestBuy Dives Into Same-Day Delivery In San Francisco

Atlanta CourierBefore the holiday season comes into full gear, there are several retailers getting their e-commerce in gear right along with it, implementing same-day delivery for online purchases.  From Google to Macy’s, if it’s a major retailer, they are diving into being able to meet the demand of the market segment of shoppers that want their online items fast.

The latest well-known retailer the begin testing same-day delivery is popular electronic store retailer BestBuy. reported that BestBuy will start in San Francisco and in its’ surrounding areas, as a lot of retailers have done.  It won’t be doing the actual service aspect on its’ own, but BestBuy will be partnering with Deliv, which utilizes a driver network to perform the deliveries.  This is a crowdsourcing approach, similar to taxi-driver type company Uber, but the drivers pick up and deliver packages.  The article mentioned that BestBuy will tack on the express shipping free, which will vary per order.  The retailer is also testing to see how the service will work along with online ordering and in-store pick up.

BestBuy’s same-day delivery partner is the same as Macy’s.  The department store leader went all in with same-day delivery in 2013, launching it in 8 major US cities, which included San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Houston, ,Seattle Washington DC, Chicago, and New Jersey.  Its’ sister company Bloomingdale’s followed suit this same year, starting the service in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Chicago as well. Like Macy’s has roughly 885 stores nationwide, BestBuy has numerous of stores also, making for efficient deliveries from stores.

One reason BestBuy has jumped on board with the service is to increase online sales.  The other reason is Amazon.  The e-retail leader has made strides with same-day delivery, even to the extent of making the service free for Prime members for orders over $35.  What was first launched by Amazon in the Los Angeles area, which included 14 Los Angeles metropolitan cities earlier this year, now has expanded to Chicago and Orlando.  Amazon now has free service in 16 markets nationwide, and at this rate, before it’s over it will have free same-day delivery in every major US city.

It will come down to BestBuy’s actual model of the service and pricing.  For example, Amazon does offer Prime Now in over a dozen cities for $7.99, which gets shoppers their online items within an hour.  This is also another option for BestBuy to duplicate, yet pursue offering the service cheaper.  A Same-Day Courier like AQuickDelivery is able to deliver within one hour as well.  The Atlanta Courier can pick up and deliver small packages, boxes, large items, pallets, and more.  The retailer may or may not be able to offer the service free like Amazon right now, yet it may be able to be innovative to get shoppers to choose BestBuy for their electronics.

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Amazon Goes Free Same-Day Delivery In Chicago

Atlanta CourierAmazon is on the rise again and it appears in a hurry with expanding its’ free same-day delivery program in major cities. Chicago is now the most recent city added to provide the new service. The Chicago Tribune has recently reported that Amazon will be offering free prime same-day service for all orders over $35.
A spokeswoman defined the service area for free same-day delivery in Chicago, which will extend north to Evanston and Arlington Heights, south to Oak Lawn and west to Glen Ellyn and Downers Grove.

The online Prime catalog is massive for Amazon, giving the company 20 million items that shoppers can select for same-day delivery. The free service only includes 1 million of those products.  For any of these items ordered by noon, customers can have same-day delivery for free.  Delivery will be done by 9pm for those orders, and all orders placed after noon will be delivered the following day.

Free same-day service was first rolled out by Amazon in the Los Angeles area.  It included 14 Los Angeles metropolitan cities earlier this year, and at the time, it was announced more cities were to come.  It appears Chicago has been added, as well as Orlando.  This means Amazon now has free service in 16 markets nationwide, and this will probably grow quickly, even within the next month.  Strategically, it makes sense as the holiday shopping season approaches, which gives the retail leader another reason to get shoppers to choose to buy from Amazon down the stretch of this year.

With its’ numerous fulfillment centers throughout the US, Amazon has long been working on a nationwide same-day delivery program.  It currently has same-day delivery in other major cities, such as the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle-Tacoma, San Diego, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Indianapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Tampa Bay, Washington DC, and Atlanta.  These are cities in which the service could become free like in Chicago.

Along with free same-day service, Amazon has Prime Now–its’ fast service that delivers products within one to two hours. From household items to TVs, shoppers can have items delivered to their front door in no time, just like a Same-Day Courier like AQuickDelivery does in Atlanta.  The Atlanta Courier performs same-day delivery as fast as within an hour.  The report mentioned how Amazon launched its’ Flex service as well, which pays every day individuals $18-$25 per hour to use their personal vehicles to deliver Prime Now packages.

The Flex service operates in Seattle, yet Amazon is due to expand it into Chicago and into other markets soon it said in the article.  With the steady service growth by Amazon, coupled with the big holiday season approaching, web-based and brick-and-mortar store retailers are expected to do something to compete with it.  Several retailers like Google, Macy’s, Ace Hardware, BestBuy, Wal-Mart, and more have all implemented a viable same-day service, yet it isn’t free.  It’s going to be interesting what retailers begin to offer, as the same-day delivery race becomes more and more intense the remainder of this year.

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