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Surveys Show Over 50% Of Millennials Would Use Same-Day Delivery

Atlanta CourierThere is more of a huge craze for same-day delivery than many retailers realize. Most of them have not went head first into offering the growing service, which may be reluctant until others make the jump and profit first.  However, the way Google, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Macy’s and more have continually heavily invested in same-day delivery, it is apparent that there must be a growing demand for it.

A recent report from Multichannel Merchant shows that Millennials are a market segment that want more retailers to offer same-day delivery.  Two surveys performed by fraud prevention firm Trustev and Coldwell Banker Commerical Affiliates found these results.  Trustev’s survey found that over 56% of consumers between ages 18 and 34 expect for retailers to provided a same-day shipping option.  Coldwell Banker performed a similar survey that found 64% of the millennial demographic were more likely to make an online purchase if same-day delivery was available.

The article mentioned out of the top 50 retailers that Trustev researched, only Amazon and 1-800-Flowers offered same-day delivery as a standard shipping option within their checkout process.  This was limited to companies providing same-day delivery in Manhattan’s 10001 ZIP code, the same one of Trustev’s US office.  With its’ strategically-placed distribution centers, Amazon’s goal is to offer the service nationwide. It rolled out free same-day service in a number of major US cities, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Phoenix, Boston, Indianapolis, Dallas-Fort Worth, Philadelphia, Baltimore,  San Diego, Tampa Bay, Washington DC, Atlanta, and New York.  Amazon just launched same-day service in its’ hometown Seattle as well.

Rurik Bradbury, CMO of Trustev, commented on young consumers are their demand.  “They’re mostly digital natives, and the younger half grew up knowing nothing but online apps.  So we can see how their worldview has shaped those expectations. At this point we’ve had ecommerce for more than 20 years, but now there are a bunch of same-day delivery providers like Deliv and Postmates, built with this group’s real-time demands in mind.”

“A lot of famous brands, including a large higher-end clothing retailer, have told us they dread the push from executive management to do same day because it’s not possible with their current process,” he said, discussing more in depth regarding fraud for the quick turnaround times with handling same-day delivery. “The average retailer reviews 10% of its transactions, so to turn these orders around (while mitigating fraud) and not missing the one-day cutoff isn’t possible with current systems.”

Millennials are finding same-day delivery to be beneficial on all fronts and more retailers will get on board in the future. A same-day courier like AQuickDelivery can assist web-based and physical store retailers implement the service quickly in Atlanta and its’ surrounding cities. The Atlanta Courier has the capability to meet the demands of nationwide retailers also.

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Google Express Expands To Michigan!

Atlanta CourierWhen it comes to a service that currently is blazing a trail among retailers, nothing appears to be moving beyond trending like same-day delivery.  Big name retail giants are all in with same-day delivery, including Amazon, Macy’s, Wal-Mart, BestBuy, Toys-R-Us, Wal-Green’s, and more.  A number of big moves have been made recently by Amazon and Macy’s.  Both have been going blow-for-blow in recent months, seeing who can gain ground before the holiday season hits. Yet, look out. Here comes Google.

Google has announced establishing same-day delivery in Michigan. This is another expansion of Google Express, the e-retailer’s last-mile delivery service. It launched Google Express in smaller Midwest cities within the state, such as Lansing, Mt. Pleasant, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids.  Google will have same day and overnight delivery service for non-perishable items including toys, electronics, books, and clothes, which are most of the items that attract shoppers to using the service.

Google Express’ general manager Brian Elliott commented in the article about the retailer’s goal for same-day delivery.  “Our goal with Google Express is to offer a great shopping experience and connect people with their favorite stores helping them get what they need, when they want it.  Today, we’re very excited to be further expanding our efforts and bringing fast delivery to over 25 million people in the Midwest.”  Google Express started in San Francisco in 2013, and now is available in Los Angeles, San Jose, Boston, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, and other major cities.  It’s also offered in parts of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Amazon announced a few weeks ago its’ expansion of same-day delivery into its’ very own hometown Seattle.  Prime Now is there now and will be used for “tens of thousands” of products online.  It also rolled out free same-day service there, as well as other major US cities, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Phoenix, San Diego, Tampa Bay, Washington DC, Atlanta, and New York.

Macy’s isn’t doing so bad either, Macy’s expanded its’ same-day delivery service into nine more US markets in August, with plans for 14 more by year’s end.  Late last year, Macy’s rolled out its’ program in 8 major US cities, which included San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Houston, Chicago, Seattle, New Jersey, and Washington DC.  The popular retailer is said will have a service reach larger than Amazon. Google is growing fast as well.

The goal for not only Google, but other retailers is to have the ability to offer the fast service option on a national scale.  A number of retailers aren’t taken on the task by themselves. Many are partnering with a same-day courier like AQuickDelivery to service Atlanta and other US cities.  At the same time, the Atlanta Courier has the capability to service nationwide as well.  A company like AQuickDelivery has the specific logistical expertise to not only deliver online retail products, but also create a seamless courier system that generates profit within same-day delivery programs.

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Uber Gets into Delivery

Atlanta CourierUber Technologies Inc., or Uber, has quickly become a household name and one of the world’s most valuable startup corporations by creating a new way to transport people cheaply and conveniently in over 300 cities. Last year, Uber Technologies Inc. sought to build a brand that would transport not only people, but also groceries, carry-out orders, packages, and more. On a surface level, targeting Millennials and Generation X-ers with its convenient app based ordering system and the infrastructure of over 200,000 active drivers (nearly double the size of the United States Parcel Service Inc.), this vision seemed like a home run for Uber Technologies Inc. and a hugely groundbreaking way for customers to receive same-day delivery items. Just over a year into their plan, and with just six businesses on board for the Uber courier service in their test market, investors and business analysts are questioning Uber’s ability to pull through on their vision.

Despite having the needed infrastructure and popularity of the brand, the delivery service recently lost out on deals with both Apple Inc. and Starbucks, both of whom ultimately signed partnerships with startup Postmates Inc., according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. UberEats, an offshoot of the Uber taxi service familiar to millions, is seeing marginal success in its NYC, LA, Chicago, Toronto, and Barcelona test markets. Still, Uber remains committed and optimistic to the expansion of this aspect of their brand, “We will continue to experiment and test new products that benefit both customers and the cities in which we operate,” Jason Droege who runs the project, UberEverything, told The Wall Street Journal.

Same-day courier has become a fiercely competitive market in recent years with startups such as Uber, Instacart Inc., and Deliv Inc. competing with corporate giants like Amazon and eBay and Google for consumer business. Consumers are now desiring, and often even demanding, same-day delivery and making their choices about where to spend their money based on the speed of delivery available. Uber looks to capitalize on their existing infrastructure in the taxi business by having drivers deliver food during their slowest time period (10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.), which would generate additional revenue for Uber drivers. With UberRush, Uber Technologies Inc. is testing same-day delivery using bicycle courier in parts of New York City and New Jersey. Using UberRush, for example, a customer could purchase a suit and have it delivered to their home or office for a $15 delivery fee as compared to the free, next-day delivery offered by FedEx. For the generation who desires instant gratification, the $15 delivery fee is nominal enough to make it worth the charge.

Uber Technologies Inc. has seen unprecedented success in their industry since its inception. Despite the slow growth in the areas of food and parcel delivery of their corporation, Uber continues to receive investments and financial backing from individuals and companies like no other startup or existing corporation. People feel good about what Uber Technologies Inc. can do for the courier industry, and so, it is too soon to tell if the success of Uber will remain in the transport of people or if their expansion will be successful.

A proven success in the world of same-day delivery, however, is Atlanta courier AQuickDelivery. AQuickDelivery offers same-day delivery for local and national companies and individuals. With the infrastructure, technology, and experience in the courier and logistics industry, AQuickDelivery has a variety of ways to conveniently meet your delivery needs in a manner that is the most cost efficient. AQuickDelivery maintains its own fleet, allowing for e-commerce orders to be delivered same-day even when competitors, such as Uber, cannot. AQuickDelivery also offers services on delivery that can’t be matched like online ordering and tracking, licensing and insurance, and the AQuickRewards Program, which rewards you every time you utilize this courier service.