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New Drink Delivery Service – Drinkos

atlanta courierGrowth in technology, particularly in applications for personal devices like cellphones and other hand-held devices, have been a boon for courier and same-day delivery services. It seems now everyone is trying to find their niche in the delivery world. Gaining ground in this new app-driven delivery scene is Ohio based Drinkos Worldwide. Drinkos Worldwide is establishing themselves as the homebody and partiers’ dream delivering alcoholic beverages, snacks, energy drinks, cigars, and other things typically found in convenience stores, bringing the party right to customers’ doorsteps.

Drinkos has seen a great deal of success in two other Ohio cities since opening in May and hopes their next venture in the state’s capital city will maximize their profits and eventually allow them to expand and open franchises outside of state lines.

The process is very simple and streamlined, which keeps the delivery service fast and cost efficient. Customers can place their orders on Drinkos Worldwide’s website or using their Android application (an iOS application is in the works), customers are asked to verify their age online and delivery drivers verify IDs of customers upon delivery to ensure customers are at least 21 years of age.

Drinkos guarantees a delivery time of 60 minutes or less. Vice President of marketing for Drinkos, Rachel Ennis, says three drivers will be on staff daily with at least ten on staff on weekends as they test the new Columbus, Ohio market. The adult beverage delivery service works in coordination with local liquor stores to expedite the delivery process. Customers will have to place a minimum $30 order with a $5 delivery charge for all orders.

Of the alcohol delivery service app, Dayton, Ohio customer, Jason Sponagule, told the Columbus Dispatch, “Drinkos has been extremely convenient for me. I downloaded the app, found my favorite local craft beer, and it was delivered within the hour…I’m not surprised they are growing as fast as they are at all.”

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Moms Doing Alot Of Same-Day Delivery Mobile Shopping

Mother With Child Using Laptop At HomeRetailers are sure to continue growth with same-day delivery, especially with the enormous amount of mobile device use. All types of shoppers these days have found the fast service convenient, and a recent report shows how early parenthood moms are getting in on it too.

Mashable shared how has experienced an influx of moms shopping online for diapers via their mobile device. Last year, 50% of purchases were made on a mobile device. That is very high, especially considering this number was at 25% a year before.  In addition to these figures, TechCrunch stated that mobile shopping only accounted for 1% of the multi-trillion-dollar retail sales in the US.  This shows how mobile shopping has been huge for in the baby retail industry and probably will continue in the years ahead.

Senior vice president of marketing and business development for Michal Geller discussed how moms are impacting same-day delivery.  “Moms send us stories all the time of nursing her baby at 3 a.m., realizing she’s almost out of diapers or some other essential, placing an order with us through our app, and having the package show up at her door later that day,” he said.  He went on to say, “Same-day delivery is a game-changer for busy moms.”  The diaper market is expected to reach $52 billion worldwide by 2017.  This means that same-day delivery is going to shape online business for other complimenting items, such as wipes, as well as other frequent-use baby products.

The article mentioned also how has attracted mobile shoppers through large investments into its’ app. The app is designed for one-hand use, which is perfect for baby parenthood moms.  The app also allows for a customer’s shopping cart to stay connected to his or her account throughout the browsing process, even when toggling between laptop and phone use.  It is family-oriented and very convenient for moms, which may be one reason why Amazon bought it in 2010, along with and has Amazon warehouse access also.  Amazon has aggressively pushed same-day delivery in recent years, including its’ new roll-out of free service for Prime Members in a number of major US cities.

Moms are utilizing and other sites to meet their on-demand shopping needs.  Since physical retail stores have launched same-day delivery also in order to establish themselves as a fast service provider, moms will no doubt be ordering from them also.  Stores like Whole Foods are even offering same-day grocery delivery.  With factoring all of the shopping options, retailers can partner withAQuickDelivery to pick up and deliver for them instead of delivering products on their own.  The Atlanta Courier has the same-day logistics expertise and driving staff to partner with any retailer for optimal delivery solutions. Moms can use AQuickDelivery for on-demand hospital courier services as well.

Reference:  7.8.15,, Adrienne LaFrance, Mobile shopping’s early adopters: New moms

PostMates Pursues Same-Day Delivery For $1

food deliveryAs if the race couldn’t get even more competitive, PostMates has now moved to a new same-day delivery rate to outpace the market.  The Wall Street Journal has reported that PostMates has raised $80 million in an effort to implement same-day delivery for $1. PostMates received the amount within a round of funding led by Tiger Global Management.

PostMates is an on-demand courier like AQuickDelivery that picks up and deliveries almost anything you can think of.  It utilizes thousands of couriers nationwide to meet their customer demand.  The report mentions how the new rate is going to be a big difference from the norm, which usually ranges between $5 to $20 per courier order.

From the onset, it appears not workable, however, Chief Executive Bastian Lehmann stated the idea is to offer same-day delivery of $1 in locations in which their couriers have multiple items to pick up at one time and deliver to close radius destinations. So in essence, PostMates will consolidate their orders and dispatch their couriers into making nearby deliveries.  The article gave an example of delivering to a college dorm during a major ball game like Monday Night Football.  For this model, logistically costs and time management will be crucial to its’ sustainability, especially keeping delivery errors to a minimum.  Big errors can easily eat away at the courier’s profit.

The charge will be $1 per piece on the order, in addition to  20% delivery fee and 9% service fee.  PostMates will also make it work by delivering food and other goods to high-density zip codes at peak times.  A good example would be during lunch hours for major city and downtown locations.  With enough volume, this type of rate model will add up in light of business customers that become repeat users of PostMates.

Food orders are big for PostMates.  “We love food, but food has always been for us a vehicle to build a big logistics company,” Lehmann stated in the report.  “Food is for us what books were for Amazon.”  Indeed, Amazon did have books as its’ staple, but it knew it had to change as business trends began to change also.  Now, the online giant has made retail a huge core product, even now offering a same-day delivery service of its’ own.  Recently, Amazon announced its’ roll out of free same-day delivery in several major US cities.

Same-day delivery is becoming more and more of an online service need for e-retailers.  It’s projected that online retail will reach $500 billion by 2018, and technology has a lot to do with it.  Couriers have their place in creating the growth that the retail industry wants to capture.  Even Macy’s has partnered with Deliv to perform same-day delivery.  AQuickDelivery is a superior same-day courier to partner with in the Atlanta and Metro-Atlanta area.  Whether for lunch orders or volume package deliveries, the Atlanta Courier has the logistical expertise, experience and driver staff to handle a variety of courier needs.

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