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A Quick Delivery Difference

atlanta courierToday it seems there are endless options for same-day delivery services and new options being created as technology improves every minute. From the use of the subway system to drones, ecommerce and brick and mortar businesses are striving to ensure customers can have easy, convenient access to goods at almost any time. With these businesses acting as their own courier services in many respects, it can be difficult to differentiate one courier service from another for your delivery needs, but when comparing Atlanta courier, AQuickDelivery, to the competition, it is easy to see why AQuickDelivery continues to be the area’s top courier service. The AQuickDelivery difference isn’t just offering same-day delivery at competitive pricing, but the multitude of other services it offers as well that makes this courier truly unique. Here are just some of the ways in which AQuickDelivery can be of service to you and your shipping and delivery needs.

Delivery for Businesses of all Sizes: Whether you’re located locally in the Atlanta metro area, or nationally, a small, start up business, or a Fortune 500 company, AQuickDelivery has the infrastructure and experience in place to fulfill your delivery request and optimize delivery time. AQuickDelivery staff is highly trained in logistics technology and have a wide variety of experiences in the logistics industry ensuring you’ll not only encounter highly competent staff when working with or courier service, but our staff will also be able to troubleshoot any issues that may arise to guarantee your highest satisfaction.

Fleet Solutions: We offer a unique service that many couriers do not in our ability to provide services for or to replace existing in-house managed fleet operations. With our skilled staff and continuously updated technology, we can reduce the hassle and liability of managing your own delivery fleet using ours for your benefit. This is especially beneficial for growing businesses as we have the flexibility to adjust fleet size to accommodate business without the necessity for long-term, costly investments. With our fleet solutions, you are still in complete control of the logistics aspect of your business, without the headache of management of the fleet.

Facilities Management: Much like our opportunity to manage your delivery fleet, our facilities management service is a unique service to AQuickDelivery. The courier service can manage many of the daily tasks associated with shipping and delivery such as managing your mailroom, maintaining inventory logs, and other aspects of operations as your individual business dictates. The best part of the facilities management option through Atlanta Courier, AQuickDelivery, is the option to tailor it for your individual needs, which the sales staff can easily assist you with drafting a management plan and a cost estimate for the service via email or phone.

Big Box Store Pickup: A great benefit to using AQuickDelivery for businesses and individuals alike is the Big Box Store Pickup feature. While many stores are testing same-day delivery in certain market areas, same-day delivery just isn’t available in every area right now and not through every retailer. AQuickDelivery can make this a reality. If you, or a customer, purchases something from the ecommerce sector of a Big Box retailer such as Walmart, Target, Ikea, etc. and would like it delivered the same-day, AQuickDelivery can fulfill the delivery right to their down for a reasonable delivery fee!

The AQuickDelivery difference is obvious. Though it is the region’s most trusted same-day courier service, AQuickDelivery offers so much more for your business or individual logistics and courier needs. The knowledgeable staff at the Atlanta courier are happy to help your get started and answer any questions you may have. Please contact them today via email or by phone 404-888-9999.

Startups Making Race For Same-Day Delivery Competitive

atlanta courierWith Amazon’s recent move of free same-day delivery for Prime members, it shows that startups are giving the retail giant a run for its money.  For $99 per year, Prime Members can get free same-day delivery, instead of paying per order.  Losing $5.99 per delivery shows that Amazon wants to keep its’ current customers with them, especially those that like their online orders quickly.  It doesn’t want to give any room for various delivery and startup e-retailers to get ahead. Yahoo Finance discussed how the free delivery service will make Prime membership more attractive as well.

There has definitely been a rise in startups offering the service.  Deliv has become a contender, landing partnerships with malls. It is notable for working with department store leader Macy’s and performing its’ deliveries.  Late last year, Macy’s jumped head first into same-day delivery, rolling out test markets in 8 major US cities, including San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Washington DC, New Jersey, and Seattle.  Its’ sister company Bloomingdale’s launched the service also in 4 of those cities:  San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Chicago.

Uber is a crowd sourcing company and its messengers pick up people, taking them around town fast.  However, last year Uber started using couriers for its Rush service to deliver packages. Who is the say the ride provider won’t turn to picking up items from physical store retailers and delivering them. It’s been successful with people, and it may pursue to be successful with packages.

Postmates is another company that utilizes a courier network for last-mile deliveries.  It uses a mobile phone platform for receiving and dispatch orders.  It is currently in 18 major US cities and is seeking to expand, just like the others in the same-day hunt. Of course, eBay and Google are still fighting for position in the online retail market.  It has become a fierce pursuit and there is ample enough reason to do so. Business Insider’s BI Intelligence research service reports that online retail will surge from $0.10 billion in 2014 to $4.03 billion in 2018.

The new wave of online retail is anticipated to also create more revenue and more opportunity for couriers.  Online retail is expected to grow and same-day delivery will be a huge driver.  A same-day courier like AQuickDelivery will continue to partner with brick-and-mortar companies to generate in-store sales.  The Atlanta Courier can pick up online purchases and deliver to shoppers, resulting in the instant service that’s being demand in e-commerce.  There is no telling where this is going, but AQuickDelivery can help an online startup implement same-day delivery and thrive quickly.

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Amazon Tries The Subway For Prime Now Same-Day Delivery

Atlanta CourierIt’s not often that retailers hit a new pocket of delivery innovation within e-commerce, like next-day delivery.  Yet, right now same-day delivery has the buzz of becoming something great.  Amazon is trying to turn the corner with the on-demand service, launching everything from same-day drone creation, to even opening its first physical location in Manhattan, New York.  However, now it’s been reported Amazon is exploring out-of-the-box options to make their last-mile service a hit in New York City.

Amazon has its eye on the subway to accommodate its new Prime Now app.  It has been recently launched and Prime members have the service option available for a $7.99 fee.  The Financial Times discussed in the article how New Yorkers find the subway a more faster way of getting around, and it appears for fast deliveries, Amazon intends to make it no different– at least to see if it works.  “In Manhattan, our folks bike, walk or use public transportation,” Amazon representatives said. “They only drive if the item is large like a flat screen TV.”  Indeed, it does make sense in New York City, but other cities have entirely different transportation infrastructures.

Amazon does have plans to implement the same-day delivery utilizing drones in cities, which can bypass any infrastructure traveling via air.  The FAA did grant research approval of drone use by Amazon and the next initiatives are being pursued to make this new, futuristic method of delivering packages a reality.  Within 30 minutes, a same-day delivery drone can have your package at your front door.  If this clears, this would be the very first on-demand service mode of its kind for day-to-day online retail deliveries.

Other competitors have their own standard delivery models, yet are deep into the same-day delivery race.  Google Express offers fast on-demand service in multiple US cities, utilizing partnerships with physical store retailers such as Toys-R-Us, Best Buy, Walgreen’s, and more.  Amazon has distribution centers; Google partner’s stores are the distribution center.  The service fee is comparable to Amazon’s, as are other retailers, even lower.  Newcomer Macy’s just leaped big into same-day delivery, rolling out the service in 8 major US cities, including Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Houston, Washington DC, New Jersey, Seattle, and Chicago.  Sister company Bloomingdale’s did as well, launching in Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Wal-Mart offers same-day delivery in various major US cities also, and to specifically compete with Amazon in Canada, the same-day service is free in some areas.  There aren’t any others that have went public regarding subway use.  However, Uber is a crowdsourcing company and its’ messengers could voluntarily use it.  Postmates may also.  A number of online companies are finding it beneficial to partner with a same-day courier like AQuickDelivery to deliver for them instead.  The Atlanta Courier has the courier logistics expertise and driver system to implement efficient same-day solutions.  Just like the subway, more innovation will be coming for same-day delivery and AQuickDelivery can help businesses create new delivery ideas to compete.

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Alibaba Launches 3-Hour Same-Day Delivery For Healthcare Goods

Atlanta CourierThe US isn’t the only place where same-day delivery is thriving.  China is having its way with capitalizing on e-commerce, as online retail grows and is estimated to grow to $500 billion by 2018 worldwide.  Chinese online shopping giant Alibaba is making a lot of headway with the service as well.

Reuters has reported that Alibaba Group Holding has announced it will launch a three-hour same-day delivery service for healthcare items, initially in five Chinese cities.  Those cities will even include Beijing and Shanghai.  This number will climb to 19 cities by the end of 2015.  It appears that all large companies investing in same-day delivery expand for more economies of scale and they do it quickly.  The service works best with more volume.

The article mentions how Alibaba works through a partnership with five pharmacy chains that sells their healthcare goods on Alibaba’s  The goods are sold from several stores, which is what a number of retailers do on Tmall.  Ji Su Da, or “fast delivery”, is performed from more than 1,500 drugstores.  Shoppers have access to these stores and can request the new service.  Ji Su Da is a part of a broader trend called “online to offline”.  It brings online various offline services, from flagging a taxi to finding nearby restaurant deals, in which shoppers can use their smartphones to find someone’s location and the nearest service provider.

The three-hour service competes against rival, which has a strong logistical network and fast delivery similar to Amazon.  In the US, Amazon has implemented a number of same-day delivery programs in major US cities.  Recently, The e-retailer launched same-day delivery in Baltimore and Miami.  It offers delivery same-day, including its’ new one-hour Prime Now service.  Right before the holiday season last year, Amazon rolled out the service in New York City, Indianapolis, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Dallas.
“This service is ideal for consumers who need non-prescription drugs and other healthcare products quickly,” said Xu Hui, head of Cainiao Ji Su Da. “This service effectively mobilizes resources at both online and offline stores, which in turn brings the customers a seamless shopping experience.”  Cainiao is an Alibaba affiliate operating in partnership with logistics firms, collects and delivers orders.  Many retailers performing same-day delivery have partnered with a same-day courier like AQuickDelivery also, who is ready to perform their deliveries.

Alibaba is performing this in China, yet same-day delivery for healthcare is performed in the US.  AQuickDelivery is an Atlanta Courier has partnered with several companies to transport time-sensitive healthcare goods, from local drugstores to residences, hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities. Throughout Georgia, AQuickDelivery can make it easy for drugstores and patients to deliver their healthcare items in no time at all.

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