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Boeing After Jet Production Savings and Receiving Parts Within Hours

Atlanta CourierPhysical store retailers and online companies aren’t the ones that have a use for same-day delivery.  Airplane manufacturers need fast shipping for their parts too.  Ask Boeing how it is planning to cut their costs and it will tell you that a quicker supply of parts and lower inventory is in the making.

Reuters recently reported that Boeing’s production of its’ new 777X jetliner is paving the way for better and more efficient manufacturing techniques for all of its’ planes.  Once innovative ways are found to produce one plane, it makes sense to evaluate processes for other products, as the competition increases in the aerospace industry.  Airbus is running against Boeing and costs will be a big factor in the years to come.  Therefore, Boeing after savings and as big as their production operation is, there must be some aspects in which it can cut costs, including assembly lines.

“I think the 777X will be our first opportunity to show the ideas that we have to date,” said Walter Odisho, Boeing’s vice president of manufacturing and safety.  The 777X is scheduled to enter into service in 2020, and it is the world’s largest twin-engined jet.  One reason Boeing hired Odisho was because of his previous experience in production for automaker Toyota.  With his expertise in car production, Boeing sees Odisho as a good fit for its’ efficiency initiatives.

The article mentions how in the automaker industry, standardized production approaches are common, but not so in the aerospace industry.  “If you look at aerospace with market demand rising, we need to start thinking differently and move efficiencies from the auto industry into this arena,” Odisho stated.  He is going to push more of automaker processes deeper into manufacturer plants.

Odisho also talks about the flow of parts in the report, which falls in line with fast delivery for parts, just as within the auto industry.  “If we can develop a system where we have direct deliveries to our lines and in an orientation which our operators will use to simply secure instead of handling parts, we have tremendous opportunities,” he said in regards to the flow of parts within their plant .  Same-day delivery of parts is what a number of companies have made an integral aspect of their inventory management, especially when it comes to replenishment.

In the article, the question was asked, “Could the buffer of several days for holding parts in aircraft plants ever hit auto-industry levels of as low as two hours?”  Odisho’s response was, “Ultimately I think we will see that day”.  Indeed, a shorter time frame to receive parts has all-around benefits for a giant manufacturer like Boeing.  A same-day courier like AQuickDelivery can partner with Boeing to create a parts distribution program that can greatly reduce inventory and have parts replenished in no time.  The Atlanta Courier has performed same-day part replenishment deliveries for several companies, which has optimized their entire operation.

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Experts Ask Is Same-Day Delivery Worth It?

Atlanta CourierMany retailers are spending a lot to make same-day delivery a staple within their service products, as a means to compete online in their respective markets.  Some skeptics are asking is same-day delivery worth it?

A recent Wall Street Journal article discussed whether same-day delivery is overblown or not.  In 2013, researcher comScore Incorporated, performed an online shopper survey in 2013, which showed 92% of them were willing to wait four or more days for free delivery. Shoppers stated they mostly choose the most economical shipping option and the fastest option only 1% of the time.  “People don’t have a need for speed, they have a need for predictability,” said Mr. Satish Jindel, president of SJ Group Consulting.  He helped establish small-package carrier Roadway Package System, which was acquired in FedEx Corp in 1988.

A number of retail giants, web-based only and physical stores, have taken the leap with huge investments into the service.  At the head of the pack is Amazon, offering its’ Prime Now one-hour service.  The online company launched same-day delivery in New York City, Dallas, Indianapolis, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Atlanta before last year’s holiday season.  This past March, Amazon rolled out same-day delivery in Baltimore and Miami.  Not to mention, Amazon recently received FAA approval for drone use for the purpose of delivering online packages to residences across the US.

Wal-Mart and Macy’s are two of the most well-known physical store retailers that are all in with same-day delivery battle.  Wal-Mart offers the service in several major US cities, and it’s free in same Canadian areas to compete with Amazon.  “WalMarttoGo” is another fast service option for shoppers who don’t want to stand in line.  They simply order online and come to a participating store for pick up.

Macy’s has same-day service in a number of US cities also, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Jose, Houston, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Seattle, and New Jersey.  Macy’s spokesman Jim Sluzewski said weighed in on the article.  He stated, “They (customers) like the certainty that the item is in hand and ready”.  This shows Macy’s feels the service is not overblown and that there is a market for same-day delivery.  It does cost a premium for it, yet Macy’s and other retailers don’t plan on making the service expensive.  Macy’s delivery is $5 for orders that qualify for free same-day delivery and $14.95 for all other.

Macy’s has crowd sourcing provider Deliv to perform its’ deliveries for them.  It makes sense for retailers to partner with a same-day courier like AQuickDelivery that can optimize transportation costs and package consolidation.  The Atlanta Courier has the expertise to develop a same-day solution for any retailer, even nationwide.  There will be a market for on-demand service, and the retailer that can provide this option to them, will be a step ahead as technology creates more innovative shopping methods.

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Amazon Gets Approval For Same-Day Delivery Drones

Atlanta CourierLast month, Amazon made its’ announcement of expanding same-day delivery to yet an additional two US major cities, being Baltimore and Miami.  Right before the holiday season last year, Amazon aggressively rolled out the service in New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Dallas, Indianapolis, and Atlanta.  The retail giant has been on a tare regarding providing a nationwide same-day delivery service.

Now, Amazon’s pursuit has been affirmed with the latest news that it has been given the okay by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to move forward with its’ same-day drone program.  The FAA has given Amazon a waiver to allow flights as fast as 100 mph and 400 feet off the ground, according to a letter posted on the retailer’s site.  An earlier approval for Amazon’s drone program applied to an earlier drone model no longer used, Amazon vice president Paul Misener stated to Congress, which really didn’t provide what it needed to get drone use off the ground.  It appears Congress granted the additional approval for the new drones.

Drones could bring success to Amazon’s quest for same-day delivery.  The report stated that they can dodge obstacles and find addresses to speed the delivery of small items.  Amazon has a number of order fulfillment centers across the US and delivering from them is probably the purpose of drones.  The FAA’s approval hasn’t been swift, which has frustrated Amazon, seeing the breakthrough that same-day drones will bring to the table.  On February 15th, the FAA released its’ first set of proposed rules for commercial drone flights. The initial rules wouldn’t permit such automated activity, as they required operators to keep their drones within sight at all times.  It’s clear how that alone could pose a challenge for Amazon, which is why this new approval is a huge step in the right direction.

Amazon has a number of services for its’ Prime members, including its’ latest Prime Now one-hour delivery service.   Prime Now one-hour delivery is $7.99 and two-hour delivery is free.  Customers have at their reach tens of thousands of products for its’ customers, from household items and toothpaste, to electronics and tools.  Since drones will be coming soon, Prime members can expect their deliveries to be dropped via a new mode to their front door.

The e-retailer also has 40 million Prime members that pay $99 annually for the service, they only have the additional same-day delivery fee.  Google Express, has its’ same-day delivery available for $4.99 per order or customers can pay $10 per month and $95 per year.  Google and Amazon are vigorously competiting to win the same-day delivery race, as well as other retailers, even Macy’s, Wal-Mart, Petco, Ace Hardware, and more.

Same-day delivery is becoming more popular, as tech gadgets have created a level of convenience that shoppers enjoy who prefer online purchasing.  Indeed, drone use will require a high level of investment long-term.  Physical store retailers and web-based only retailers can all partner with a same-day courier like AQuickDelivery to provide fast deliveries without the use of drones.  The Atlanta courier specializes developing optimal same-day solutions within the Atlanta area, in addition to a delivery network to provide service nationwide.

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AQuickDelivery Announces Saturday Same-Day Delivery Services

Atlanta CourierAQuickDelivery, a recognized leader for same-day delivery, messenger and transportation services announces Saturday same-day delivery services.  The Atlanta courier makes the announcement in efforts to market its’ variety of value-added weekend service options, expand its’ business client base, and increase online sales growth.  AQuickDelivery is a one-stop courier logistics company providing same-day solutions throughout the Atlanta and Metro-Atlanta area.

The AQuickDelivery Saturday same-day delivery is an efficient service option for business and residential customers with transportation needs within the Atlanta area and throughout Georgia.  Fast deliveries outside of normal business hours eliminates the challenges of weekend operation transportation needs, whether local or long distance deliveries from state-to-state.  The Saturday same-day delivery also allows its’ clients to meet all emergency shipment needs, such as operation machine breakdown and store inventory restock.

From small packages and documents, to multi-box shipments and palletized freight, AQuickDelivery can provide Saturday same-day delivery.  Weekend service rates applies for Saturday service, and the courier recommends order placement at least one day prior to the service request date.  For online orders, clients are requested to notate specific instructions to optimally perform the delivery, including okay to leave the package at the door, or call prior to destination arrival.

The courier offers efficient services that result in an easy customer order experience, including 24/7 accessibility to live personnel for assistance and order tracking for Saturday delivery.  Saturday delivery is available for one-time customers and account holders as well.  AQuickDelivery has an experienced courier driver staff, knowledgeable and capable of creating logistic courier solutions that successfully meet its’ customers’ same-day delivery needs.

AQuickDelivery is a premier same-day courier offering transportation and distribution services.  From packages to palletized freight, AQuickDelivery delivers fast.  As a leader in the courier industry, its’ goal is to perform optimal courier logistic solutions and superior customer service every time.  The courier provides same-day delivery successfully for over 1,500 clients, including Fortune 500 companies throughout the Georgia area.