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Do You Have a Creative but Secure Mailbox?

by Lisa Bevan 8. June 2012 06:24
One of the first thing people notice is the mailbox when they are looking for the number of a house. In most cases, the mailbox is homogeneous and boring but every once in awhile, you see that one mailbox that makes you go hmmmm?

Some homeowners use their mailboxes to show their personality. Whether they own a farm, fly planes, love star wars or are an artist, the mailboxes can truly be a work of art.
But is mailbox security an issue? We make sure to lock our doors, insure that our computers are secure, but in most cases we do not protected our mailboxes. Should we be concerned?

When you buy a new mailbox, read the USPS courier service mailbox guidelines first to make sure the box is USPS approved. Even if it's not, you can modify it to accommodate the regulations.

So with all of that said we have found the best list of creative mailboxes on the internet and wanted to share it with you :) Which is your favorite?

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